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Recipes and suggestions

With the variety of food you can find in BioBrots recommend a series of recipes and tips for a good and optimal consumption


Renal Energy, Vital

Winter with the arrival of the cold, it is time to collect, nourish and rest, store kidney energy. Our body asks us to warm up and make slow movements, just as nature does, where everything is stopped. We will tend to make longer simmerings, baked is also ideal for these colder months. We will use more calorie foods to help warm our body like buckwheat, root vegetables, azukis, kombu seaweed, foods that will help nourish our kidneys, where we draw our vital energy for coping. this station. Currently the need for cleansing and fasting is well known for its beneficial effects on health, but they must always be done correctly, at the time of year which is best for your body and the person you choose. Well, there are cases, especially in winter, when your metabolism needs the opposite; be revitalized, nourished and toned to be able to "warm up" your organs, maintain digestive, cardiovascular, reproductive and resting health. There are people who are strongly affected by stress, cold, unbalanced nutrition, lack of contact with nature, sun and sleep. Many times they somatize their weakness to the digestive system which will be compounded by foods rich in raw, fruit, cold drinks, ice cream and sugars. (More typical of summer) These need more minerals (such as magnesium, zinc, iron, calcium), easily digestible proteins, high-quality carbohydrates rich in B vitamins, rest, and more factors that help cell regeneration and adaptogens to reduce the effects of stress. Symptoms such as: • Anemia, microcirculation problems, colds in the extremities, headaches ... • Generalized pains • Imbalances in the wakefulness and sleep cycle Menstrual problems such as dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, clots ... • Low defenses can trigger colds, bronchitis, pneumonia ... • Tiredness and especially after meals • Pain in the stomach and abdominal inflammation • Vomiting • Slow digestions • Shivers • Lack of appetite and thirst Here, to combat these symptoms, especially when it's cold, it's important to enhance your digestive functions with hot foods and easy-to-digest spoon-baking and phytotherapy, as we mentioned at the beginning: • Creams, soups and soups of miso based onion, leek or turnips • Increase legumes, cereals and pseudocereals such as quinoa, millet, buckwheat, brown rice, oats ... • Add black sesame, walnuts and pumpkin seeds • Use of spices, especially ginger, cinnamon and garlic • Use of herbs: THAMBLE, ROMANÍ, ORENGA, GIFT, FONOLL. Supplementation with adaptogens and vitalizers such as Reishi, Maca, Ashwagandha, Q10 (Always ask a specialist which is best for you) • Consume the fruit cooked with spices: apple cooked with cinnamon and orange peel, pears with cinnamon and ginger, pumpkin compote with apple ... • Increase the fish • Increase the consumption of natural salt (algae such as arame and kombu, sea salt, teriyaki, soy sauce, gomasio) • GREAT NEED FOR HARMONIC MOVEMENT !! Tai Chi, Pilates, Yoga, walking, dancing • SOL baths: sunbathe at noon 15 min. • Do not abuse processed cereals: pasta, industrial bread, sticks, cookies ... • Do not abuse fat • Reduce sweets (sugar, honey, dehydrated fruit, pastries ...) • Reduce dairy in general To prepare the digestive system it is advisable to make a small glass of ginger and cinnamon infusion or a piece of macerated ginger 10 minutes before the meal. MACERATED GINGEBRE RECIPE Ingredients for 2 people: • 200 gr. ginger 200 ml rice vinegar • 100 ml of water • 1 tablespoon sugar panela • 1 teaspoon salt dessert Preparation: • Cut the ginger into thin slices. Let it rest for 30 minutes so that it can breathe and release the juice • After 30 minutes, introduce the ginger into a jar • Then boil water, vinegar, sugar and salt in a pot and mix. When it starts to boil, remove from the heat and add to the flight where the ginger is. • Allow to cool and then put in the fridge. • Leave it 7-10 days before consumption. Tip: It can be added to salads, to accompany cereals such as quinoa or rice, before meals to prepare the digestive system, crushed into creams.