The shop

EAt Bio Brots you can find a selection of fresh and dry products which aims to spread the healthy cooking. You will find cereals, chocolates, tea infusions, coffees, pasta, rice, green beverages, macrobiotic products, dressings, butcher shop, fruit and vegetables, bakery, dietetics, veggie cooking, a gluten-free area, fresh milk products and a zone of wines and cavas. Everything you are looking for can be found in our bio supermarket.

Our opening hours are from Monday to Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
With a purchase more than 30€, we offer you 30 minutes parking in the street ( carrer de la creu) in front of the supermarket.
Our aim: both quality and service.



A BioBrots work with different ovens in the area. All of them are certified organic bread, firewood, organic flour, no transgenic yeast, purified water, unrefined sea salt, keeping all its properties: • White bread BIO: Organic wheat flour, made from yeast, purified and enlivened and unrefined sea salt. • grain bread BIO: organic wheat flour, made in the traditional way, fermented with sourdough. More modern meal digestive. • Spelt Bread BIO: Flour old ecological effects antioxidants and rich in fiber. • kamut bread BIO: organic kamut flour, cereal very nutritious. Rich with carbohydrates to energy intake. Recommended for wheat intolerant, but not suitable for coeliacs. • Buckwheat Bread BIO: Organic buckwheat flour rich in protein, minerals and antioxidants. Consumption of buckwheat, improving the levels of sugar in our blood. • Bread corn gluten BIO: organic cornmeal. Cereal prized for its nutrients and high in magnesium. Easily digestible. Highly recommended for children and athletes. • Bread, rice gluten BIO: Rice flour organic whole. Rich in carbohydrates and low fat protein. Staple food for nearly half of the population. • BIO Croissants, muffins, screws, Vienna roll: They worked with organic flour, organic butter and recipes of ancient France.