The shop

EAt Bio Brots you can find a selection of fresh and dry products which aims to spread the healthy cooking. You will find cereals, chocolates, tea infusions, coffees, pasta, rice, green beverages, macrobiotic products, dressings, butcher shop, fruit and vegetables, bakery, dietetics, veggie cooking, a gluten-free area, fresh milk products and a zone of wines and cavas. Everything you are looking for can be found in our bio supermarket.

Our opening hours are from Monday to Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
With a purchase more than 30€, we offer you 30 minutes parking in the street ( carrer de la creu) in front of the supermarket.
Our aim: both quality and service.



All the meat you can find in Bio Brots come from the free-range autochthon animals raised during the time when they need to grow up naturally, and especially WITHOUT: · Drugs · GMOS · Pesticides · Hormones · Preservatives · Dyes · Additives The livestock is strictly linked to the land, with the effort and the commitment, with a special care for the environment and the maximum respect for the animal health. Veal: 14 months arisen from Catalan Pyrenees and pre Pyrenees Chicken: 4 months arisen from Plà del Estany and Empordà Lamb: between 4 and 6 months arisen from Catalan pre Pyrenees and Empordà Pork: 6-7 months arisen from Catalan pre Pyrenees and Lleida Rabbit: 4-5 months arisen from Alt Penedès Turkey: 5-6 months arisen from Empordà and Gironès Black Chicken from Penedès: 5 months arisen from Catalan pre Pyrenees Horseflesh: 13 months arisen from Catalan pre Pyrenees Iberian cured and acorn-fed products: 5 years of maturing process arisen from livestock in Huelva with a small production of the free rage acorn-fed animals.