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Recipes and suggestions

With the variety of food you can find in BioBrots recommend a series of recipes and tips for a good and optimal consumption


Intermittent fast with Kombucha

Fasting is one of the only food treatments that has remained most in time thanks to its effectiveness in the face of health imbalances. PIt is not always possible to follow a total fast and it is not recommended depending on which cases. For this reason, the intermittent fasting consists of not eating for a few hours a day, the most recommended is to have breakfast at breakfast the next day, adding approximately 12 hours without eating, although there may be variations according to each case It is advisable to do it at least 2 weeks, but it may even last for months. In order to understand fast, it is important to know that metabolism works in two states and seeks the balance between them: Eating (absorption and creation of warehouses) and depleting (destruction and burning of stores). During this process, it is recommended to consume organic foods, especially vegetables, fresh fruit, a minimum of quality integral cereals and proteins (tofu, seita, quinoa, legumes, spirulina, white and blue fish, eggs and if necessary meat can be maintained to a lesser extent) Decrease dairy products, sugars, sweets, refined cereals, red and fat meats, cold meats, coffee, alcohol, chocolate ... BENEFITS OF THE INTERMITTENT DEJUNI: • Type 2 diabetes, due to the decrease in insulin levels and blood glucose • Decreased blood cholesterol • Decreased blood triglycerides • Better functioning and liver deflation • Cell cleansing • Increase in vitality • Decreased pain and bodily inflammation in the form of pain • Headaches for inflammation and poisoning • Improved vision • Improve digestive health (constipation, acidity, swelling ...) • Lucid and awake mind • Retention of liquids, cellulite, edema • Acne and bitter skin • Improves sound quality The drink KOMBUCHA, cWell-known as the fungus of immortality, it is a natural probiotic that contains bacteria and beneficial yeasts for our intestines, which when consumed frequently increases vital energy, alkalizes the blood's pH, strengthens the immune system and above all tones the intestinal flora by improving the digestions and avoiding abdominal inflammation. This is made from sugar sweetened and fermented with yeasts and bacteria, the most common genera are: Acetobacter, Gluconacetobacter kombuchae, Lactobacillus and Pediococcus, and Saccharomyces, Brettanomyces and Zygosaccharomyces kombuchaensis. Being the basis of water and not milk, gastric juices are avoided to digest milk proteins and fats by making microorganisms easier to reach the intestines. Suitable for intolerances or allergies to lactose, casein and of course gluten. Eating it during the intermittent fasting days allows the fasting of a therapeutic step. When containing a teeny point, it is recommended not to consume it after 6 pm and out of meals to a measure of 4-5 small soft drinks per day. Example of the day (between meals add kombucha) TO BREAK THE LIE (15 minutes before breakfast) Water with the juice of a lemon with a teaspoon of spirulina powder TO HAVE BREAKFAST Buckwheat bread with grilled tofu and gomasi Half Morning: Fruit LUNCH Spinach salad, tender onion, juice sprouts, strawberries, quinoa and gomasi Trout of tender garlic and mint BERENAR A handful of nuts or fruit (pineapple, strawberries, berries) From 18:00 h, it is recommended not to eat until 7-8 am the next morning.