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Recipes and suggestions

With the variety of food you can find in BioBrots recommend a series of recipes and tips for a good and optimal consumption


UMEBOSHI, Spring Elixir

Allergies, fatigue, mood swings, skin problems, digestive disorders ...? Spring is one of the most demanding stations for our immune and nervous system. Depurative organs begin to actively intensify to be more reactive to certain foods and if we attach to pollen, humidity ... a situation that can affect the immune system is generated by generating the classic symptoms of an inflamed and intoxicated organism. We must pay attention to the first signs of spring so we can help the body not feel such processes intensely. From ancient China we have a star food with a lot of reputation and esteem for its inhabitants thanks to the great benefits for this season, spring; UMEBOSHI. Umeboshi means dried plum, with the scientific name of Prunus nume. This tree is native to China but is currently grown in Japan and Korea. It is very useful for health, especially once it is fermented. The elaboration of this plum is a ritual from harvest to consumption: They are collected and dried outdoors for a period of time and then pressed with salt and shiso leaves (Perilla Fruitescens ) from 6 months to 7 years to improve their conservation and taste. Thanks to the long fermentation it is very rich in citric and phosphoric acid that gives it the property of being a great alkalinizer of the blood, a natural, antiseptic and detoxifying antibiotic. It is known that sugar is one of the substances that causes more acidity and demineralisation, and it has been shown that with two plums the acidity that causes 100 g of sugar in the body is rebalanced. Being a great liver stimulator is good digestion of fat, body cleansing and improvement of intestinal peristalsis thanks to a good function of bile salts. HOW CAN HELP: Prevention of fatigue: The body needs to be alkaline pH to be in good condition, but feeding and stress today creates us a very dangerous metabolic acidosis, being a broth Cultivation for many diseases since it makes us susceptible to infections, weakening the liver and kidneys. Being rich in citric acid (more than lemon) helps to metabolize and eliminate lactic acid that is generated by food metabolism and excessive effort. Detoxifying: Being stimulating activates the liver, intestines and kidneys (detoxifying organs of the blood and body). · Dysentery, altered intestinal flora: It is antibiotic and antiseptic eliminating different intestinal microorganisms and therefore is beneficial in digestive disorders. · Stretching: Thanks to its acids and pectins it regulates bowel movements. Take each morning with a kukicha tea. · Bad breath: It can be caused by digestive problems, stomach, intestines, mouth problems ... · Light headed: It is an indicative of metabolic acidosis and liver loaded · It stimulates the immune system. · Allergies: They are due to the exaggerated response of a very sensitive immune system that detects normal substances as dangerous. The consumption of umeboshi is of great help thanks to its alkalizing effect and to the benefit for the intestinal flora (this is modulating the immune system) HOW TO USE IT: · To the Natural: Dam just as we buy it fast, in the form of plum or pasta. · Banana: Prepare with a cup of kukicha tea, 2 teaspoons of tamarind and one teaspoon of umeboshi puree, add a teaspoon of ginger juice or powder. It mixes well and is taken hot. In cases of headache due to excessive consumption of sugar, alcohol, refined, milky ..., cases of nausea, lack of appetite, tiredness, anemia. · Onigiri: Mixed with rice balls. Especially in cases of high acidity of the stomach and intestinal problems with inflammation. · Umeboshi with Kuzu: In a cup of water add 1 teaspoon of kuzu and one teaspoon of umeboshi paste, heat the heat until the boil starts. Especially for children and in cases of weakness, lack of vitality, cooling, digestive and intestinal problems such as diarrhea. · Umeboshi Tea: Bullim the umeboshi in 250 ml of water for 30 minutes. Great drink for the summer, detoxifying and cooling. So we can understand that it is always good to have Umeboshi at home, because it is a fast and effective remedy for many day to day illnesses, which can range from headache to allergies to all disorders and digestive disorders!