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Recipes and suggestions

With the variety of food you can find in BioBrots recommend a series of recipes and tips for a good and optimal consumption


El pa ecològic i de proximitat

The history of bread is directly related to that of man. It is a basic food to the feeding of many cultures, with different methods of elaboration and forms, but always with the same base; flour and water. This old food accompanies us every day thanks to being a good, fat-free, comfortable and nutritious food. With the passage of time, bread has evolved a lot and has gone through different stages, at the beginning, with a compact and dark mass, to end up becoming a flocon and white mass, depending on the flours used. In Biobrots we work with different bakeries, since we like to offer a great variety of this exquisite food. All of them cooked in wood furnaces, made with organic flours, yeast mother, purified water and unrefined sea salt. Some of them, without gluten such as rice, buckwheat and corn, and others such as kamut, spelled and wheat: bread cakes, langoustines, cereal baguettes, sweet cakes ... The craftsmen who work our bread, are people who have the craft very well understood, of the whole of life, they work the mass as if it were a work of art; all the ingredients come from organic crops and proximity, knead the dough slowly, rest the necessary time with natural mother's yeast to obtain a fluffy texture that is due to the good fermentation between flour and yeast. Getting a crunchy crust and a fresh, well digestible and fluffy spring. Cook the bread with wood furnaces for good cooking, a superior taste and a pleasant digestion. They differ from breads made with chemical yeasts, poor quality flours, excess salt ... that produce a little fresh dough and very easily to cause phlegm and mucus if consumed daily. Bread of corn or rice (without gluten) gives us a fluffy texture with a sweet and crisp texture when roasted. They allow great digestibility. Very indicated in cases of poor digestion and abdominal inflammation, such as cramps, gases and burns. Kamut and Espelta bread remind us of the rustic bread, a consistent mass with a character that transports you to old breads. Rich in fibers and essential fatty acids that improve intestinal and digestive health. Bread cake is simply exquisite, a fresh, fluffy and juicy dough where the palate will always remember it more. Made with high quality wheat that is reflected in good digestion. But it does not end there, we have different varieties to enjoy and experience. Bread is a food with a high nutritional power, especially with B group vitamins and essential fatty acids that help the development and maintenance of the nervous, muscular and metabolic system. The great contribution of carbohydrates with slow absorption is necessary for good intellectual and physical performance. Also worth noting is the importance of good bread in cases of diabetes, hypercholesterolaemia, arteriosclerosis, osteoporosis, arthritis, arthritis ... since they are not aggressive by the blood pH, acidifying it like refined, chemical and high salt breads. In summary, we can say that bread should play a prominent role in the usual diet, since the carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and fiber it contains cover a significant fraction of the daily need of the body of these substances. That is why Bio Brots selects very well with the bakeries we work with, and we take care that the bread we sell, meets the objective for which we work: healthy, sustainable and good nutrition.