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Recipes and suggestions

With the variety of food you can find in BioBrots recommend a series of recipes and tips for a good and optimal consumption


Welcome spring!

There is a wonderful spring combination of foods (we can easily introduce them in the form of a liquefied or smoothie): Reishi medicinal fungus, kèfir water, red fruits. Spring gives us proof of immunity and encouragement, which is why it is important not to lower the guard and from the first day to consume products that help us to keep in shape. A very good option for this season is the liquids and milkshakes, since many nutrients are obtained in one vessel and also facilitate the debugging. It is important to use a juice extractor (blender) that uses cold grinding (Cold Press) to prevent oxidation and loss of nutrients. You will find it at Bio Brots. Another option that you will also find at Bio Brots is: WATER KRYPER Probiotic and remineralizing · It is a drink of water that is fermented with the cultivation of kefir giving probiotic properties and remineralized. · It is vitally important to take fermented and probiotic in the spring, since intestinal flora needs to be prepared for the summer's own food change and be strengthened to increase the defenses of our body. · In addition it is a great isotonic drink, thanks to the great contribution of minerals obtained during the fermentation. It will be very useful for athletes or in very hot days. · An ideal drink to control the weight, since it adds very few calories and does not contain sugars. REISHI Restore immune system · It is an Asian medicinal fungus which contains a multitude of properties for this station; It is a powerful antihistamine reducing the symptoms of allergies such as burning, redness, inflammation ... a great tonic of the liver by helping to purify accumulated toxins during the winter, protecting against cardioprotective hypertension, hypercholesterolaemia, arteriosclerosis (atherosclerosis). · It is also a good source of vitamins and minerals: Ferro, Zinc, Manganese, Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium and B group vitamins, especially folic acid! You can introduce them to all kinds of smoothies, liquefied, soups, creams, custard ... Other indications of interest: • Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, apathy, tiredness ... • Weak immunity • Allergies • Inflammation of the tissues, joints, mucous ... • Insomnia, anxiety, stress ... • Repeated infections: viral, bacterial and fungal. • Cardiovascular diseases BERRIES Antiinflamatori i diürètic · Wooden strawberries, sardines, blueberries, blackberries ... these fruits that are so hard to find in organic production are a treasure that must be used at the time of collection, since they bring us an abundant source of antioxidants (vitamin C, anthocyanins, flavonoids), B vitamins and diuretics. · At this station it is important to detoxify the body, drain fluids and deflate tissues so we will feel light, vital and active mentally. Nature has given us these fruits with their properties (diuretics, depuratives, vitalizers ...) to deal with allergies, apathy, tiredness, headaches ... Other indications of interest: • Inflammation of tissues and joints: Dermatitis, arthritis, rheumatism ... • Diabetic: Poor in sugars. • Slimming or depurative diets. • Constipation: Thanks to its contribution of fiber. • Cardiovascular Protectors: Thanks to antioxidants. • Powerful diuretics: a good contribution of potassium. JUICE OF THE DAY Every afternoon you will find Bio Brots. Come and find it!