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Recipes and suggestions

With the variety of food you can find in BioBrots recommend a series of recipes and tips for a good and optimal consumption


We prepare the skin for the summer

The skin is the largest organ and absorption most direct to our organs, and it also has memory. Thus, care must be taken, and protect it especially in the summer, as a prevention of possible damages due to excess sun, spots, wrinkles, eruptions or burns. Initially, with food, we can increase the intake of vegetables and fruits into our diet. Especially rich foods in VitC. The strawberry is an allied fruit at this time for our skin thanks to the contribution of collagen and to minimize the aging of our skin. TIPS TO BE CARRIED OUT • Good daily hygiene, morning and night, with a natural cleansing milk or miscellaneous water, to eliminate makeup and impurities on the face, such as the "lilane" without perfume and With natural ingredients, it ensures more luminosity in the face. • Hydrate from the inside, drink 2 liters of water a day, as there is more tendency to sweat and lower our reserves. At the cutaneous level, we can make a contribution of water with hydrolysates or floral waters such as pink damascena that while moisturizing will tone our skin. • Nourish our skin with creams rich in silicon and amino acids that give more skin resistance and more flexibility. We recommend Bioflora Pf6 by Dulkamara that stimulates the production of melatonin, ideal for sensitive and reactive skin with a tendency to stain. After exposure to the sun to soothe the epidermis we can prepare a mixture of marigold oil and hyacinth oil to regenerate and soothe our skin. • Making a soft pearl is recommended once a week to eliminate possible dead skin cells and thus help regenerate. We can do it with sugar panela or clays such as "agronauti" made from fine bamboo powder, rich in silicon, minerals and nutrients, or rose hips, rich in VitC, we can combine them with rich sesame oil in unsaturated fat and sunscreen. Face Mask once a week, we recommend that the Khadi ayuverdica and natural with Sandalwood, which refreshes, acts as a pigmentation prevention and protects from sunburns, we can apply it with a water of roses or a vegetable milk • The Archangela Oils have more than 25 vegetable oils and 13 essential oils all organic bio, which nourish, regenerate, repair, eliminate imperfections, provide firmness and light to the face, braking the aging symptoms. To the extent that it is possible, eliminate non-organic cosmetics or petroleum-derived components, as they make a skin film that initially leaves a sensation to the pleasant touch but in fact it does not breathe and prevents cell renewal Until it is prematurely aging the skin.