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Recipes and suggestions

With the variety of food you can find in BioBrots recommend a series of recipes and tips for a good and optimal consumption


Ideas to moisturize in summer

These hot summer days should not be forgotten that moisturizing properly is a key factor because, above all, children and the elderly people enjoy the tranquility and energy of leisure activities, sports and nature , whether they are on vacation with their family at home, as in the summer or colonial mansion. Water is an indispensable element of life. When we are born, our body composition is 80% water. Proportion that is decreasing as we grow older. Water is of such importance to our survival that it is also considered to be a food. The functions that water performs in our lives are quite varied: • It transports nutrients and oxygen • Eliminates waste substances • It participates in processes of digestion, absorption and metabolism • It is part of the blood (83%) • It is a part involved in the regulation of body temperature; an accentuated function in the summer season in which we are, since with sweat we can eliminate excess body temperature and cool the surface of the skin. SYMPTOMS OF DEHYDRATION When the body is dehydrated (it loses more liquid than it ingests) it can not do the normal functions. Low blood pressure, heart rate and breathing are accelerated, the urine becomes darker, it shows a loss of color on the face and at the tips of the fingers, it appears dry mouth sensation, drowsiness, headache, fever, delusions and even fainting. DECLARATION OF RECOMMENDATIONS To avoid dehydration and maintain healthy habits, especially in the summer months, we recommend: • Drink 2 to 3 liters daily, continuously and in small quantities. • When physical activities and efforts are carried out, it is advisable that these amounts increase, especially if it sucks. • Always carry a bottle of fluid that reminds you of the need to drink. • Do not forget that the sensation of thirst may appear when there is already dehydration. • Drink different liquids (water, infusions, soft drinks, juices, dairy products, etc.); Changes in flavors help you to drink the required amount. • Intake foods rich in water such as fruit, vegetables and vegetables. • Avoid alcohol consumption: they have diuretic effect and dehydrate. • Keep in a cool and airy environment whenever possible. • Monitor adequate liquid intake of persons most vulnerable to dehydration such as children, grandparents, athletes or outdoor workers. ADVICE TO BE ACCOUNT IN DERMO-AESTHETICS • Aloe vera body gel that gives us great hydration in the body through the skin. • Lilà is one of the lines in bio and proximity cosmetics that works with her main ingredient, aloe vera to all her cosmetics, who work as regenerators and moisturizers. • Body oils, give us nutrition and avoid over-evaporation of water for our skin, we can choose jojoba oil, hazelnut oil or Terpenic apricot nut, for example. They are fast absorption oils indicated by all types of skins. TIPS TO BE ACCOUNTED IN SUPLEMENTATION, IF YOU HAVE TO BE REHYDRATED IN THE SUMMER To recover the minerals and the loss of liquids by high temperatures or physical effort, we can take: • Ergybase (high in potassium) • Megamultimerals • Sea water • Silicon