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Recipes and suggestions

With the variety of food you can find in BioBrots recommend a series of recipes and tips for a good and optimal consumption


The need to debug after the Christmas holidays

Christmas parties are days of abundance and it is easy to overload the debugging organs: kidneys, liver and intestines. These coincide with the winter solstice, the time in which our energy is more internalized and we need to strengthen the immune system. This is so easy that an increase in sugars, fats, alcohols, meats and stimulants weaken ourselves by making us feel apathetic and unmotivated to start the daily work again. Organic saturation symptoms such as migraines, kidney colic, constipation, grips, eczema ... may appear or increase. To clean the body and to eliminate the kilos of more of these days it is important to do a semi-purification and force the depurative organs to eliminate these excesses to regain fluidity and vitality. Only with 4 tips for a week or even two, for those who want to refine it further, you will notice some major changes and debugging: 1. Remove sugars, stimulants (tea, coffee, cocoa) and fatty animal products such as dairy, eggs, pork, lamb and beef. 2. Increase vegetables, fruits and vegetable proteins such as pulses, tofu, seitan, vegetable hamburgers ... 3. Convert dinner with a cleansing soup. • One of the most recommended at this time is based on algae kombu and nettle, where kombu is one of the richest iodine algae, stimulating metabolism, which is ideal after metabolic overload and sedentary lifestyle these days. Nettle is one of the most depurative and diuretic herbs helping to eliminate fluid retention. In addition the blood sugar levels decrease, it is anti-inflammatory and stimulating intestinal peristalsis. 4. During the day (left and afternoon), the debugging organs must be stimulated to move accumulated toxins with a pineapple or kiwi slice and powdered cholera. • The fiber and enzymes of pineapple and kiwi have a great effect on the elimination of accumulated fat, intestinal toxins and also liver disease. Being medicine food if the prey is for a minimum week. • Chlorine is a source rich in proteins with high bioavailability, antioxidants, chlorophyll, beta carotene and phyto nutrients. It has a great ability to adhere to heavy metals and toxins from the liver, intestines and blood, expelling them quickly from the system, unlike some depuratives that simply mobilize them. RECIPES Depurative soup Ingredients for 2 people: • 2 carved onions • 1 celery branch • 4 leaves of cabbage • 2 strips of kombu seaweed • 2 tablespoons of dehydrated nettle + 1 glass of water • 1.5 liters of water • Do not salt, do not oil Preparation: • Boil onion, celery, cabbage and kombu for 40 minutes • Make a separate infusion with the nettle and let it infuse 5 minutes. • After 40 minutes of the broth, the kombu seaweed is extracted and crushed together until it reaches a homogeneous texture. Add the water infused with nettle. • Do not add salt or oil. • The alga can be stored for next day, cut and sautéed with vegetables, whole grains or salad. Pineapple and chlory smoothie Ingredients for 2 people: • 3 natural pineapple rollers • 2.5 teaspoons of powdered chicken dessert • 4 glasses of natural water Preparation: • Crush everything together and consume in two dams: Leave and snack So only with these two recipes for a minimum week can you eliminate the overload, tiredness and kilos earned these days.