Recipes and suggestions

With the variety of food you can find in BioBrots recommend a series of recipes and tips for a good and optimal consumption


Avocado cream

AVOCADO CREAM Ingredients for 1 person: · 3 liquefied carrots · ½ liquefied zucchini · 1 small small onion cut · 1 average avocado · ½ glass of water · 1 teaspoon of Reishi powder dessert · 4 strawberries cut to rollers · Salt, pepper Preparation • Liquor carrots and zucchini. To book. • To a beater cup add the avocado, the tender onion, the kèfir of water, the previous liquefied juice, the Reishi, salt and pepper. Beat everything together until you obtain a homogeneous texture. • Serve with strawberries cut in decoration.