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And in the end? What is natural wine?

The definition itself has generated and generates a lot of controversy and has received many criticisms, since there is no legal definition or a body that certifies it. But there is an important cohesion within the sector, which defines it as the least interventionist line possible. What important requirements are VI NATURAL: 1. Grapes from organic or biodynamic farming and harvested by hand. 2. Alcoholic fermentation without added commercial yeasts. 3. Sugars, acidity, color, tannins, or alcohol levels are not corrected. 4. It is not clarified nor filtered in any case. 5. Does not stabilize using chemicals or oenological techniques. 6. No micro oxygenation or any other process that accelerates or simulates natural processes is performed. 7. No sulfuric anhydride (sulfites) is added. In the end, the natural wine is the result of a movement that began in the 1980s in France, as opposed to the industrialized wine. What he is looking for is to return to the terroir, the vineyard, the wine grower and the years that they watch and touch, the land, the sky, the water and the air. Now it is a lifestyle that seeks authenticity, freedom, respect for the environment and the awareness of a healthy diet. In Bio Brots we want to bring you a small sample of Catalan, Spanish and French wines, black, white, sparkling or sweet. All of them, in the hands of committed makers, with history, with love, with certainty and with a lot of work. Without them we could not enjoy it. Enjoy it alone, with friends, with family, with your love, wine to learn, to get excited, and above all to share them.   Thank you very much for your well-done work, perseverance and perseverance.