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Iberian cured and acorn-fed products: 5 years of maturing process
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Bio supermarket

Bio Brots was born from the idea that a clean and sustainable diet is possible. The project is to bring customers fresh, healthy and CCPAE certificated products: vegetables, fruits, bread, meat and milk products, free from pesticides, GMOS and any kinds of drugs. This is the aim of our project.

Thanks to Brots de Vi...

a restaurant- bistro that proposes natural and bio dynamics wines, we found out the importance of cooking without additions, and the product without pretentions and impurities.

That is the way we want to roam together ...

with our customers, because with your confidence and our compromise of doing it better, we can overcome the challenge: to make a good, tasty and healthy cooking possible.


Ecological, certificate and proximity. The answers to our values:

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Eating ecological food in Girona is for our health

Because we believe in a healthy and clean diet, also free of chemical products, both in the land or in the preparation process. This is the fundament of the life quality we take care of, with the necessary nutrients contribution.

The ecological products

products preserve the respect to both the products and the producers. Fresh products are outcomes of the land and the effort of many people devoting to the ecological agriculture and the livestock of our land. Those are the people that work every day of the year, under the rain or the snow, that endeavour with constancy and tenacity. So that we can enjoy their products. Because we are what we eat. Those are the producers that merit the whole visibility we can offer them. Without them, all of the rest will not be possible.

Productors que es mereixen tota la visibilitat que els puguem donar., perquè sense ells tota la resta no seria possible.

perque ecològic
perque ecològic

Respect for the environment

Working without pesticides and following the guidelines of ecological agriculture and livestock, we will produce less toxic wastes that can end up in our rivers and spoil our lands. Consuming proximity products, we will avoid the pig paths as well as the transport pollution. At the same time, we make sure that the product is fresh, avoiding days of distributions and cold storages.

For a responsible consumption

We try to avoid packaging fresh products: meat, fruit, vegetables and bread, in order to produce redundant wastes. We boost recycling and recyclable bags and we sell them at the cost price that our customers can be aware of and we are able to make our contributions to the maintenance of the place where we live.

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